Collect e-stamps and earn rewards with “ShopShop@HK” powered by Tipic mobile app

Tipic is a brand-new cross-merchant consumer e-stamping platform. Customers can collect and redeem stamps from different registered merchants on Tipic platform. By promoting the synergy among merchants, we together accelerate the recovery of the local economy! Users can enjoy a new cross-merchant consumer experience. Register for free to enjoy the discount and stamping of the whole city:
1. Receive numerous premium retail merchant discount offers
2. Spend the designated amount to receive the merchant’s stamp
3. Simple coupon redemption and stamps redemption process, easily manage coupon and past coupon usage records
4. The stamps can be used in other registered merchants on Tipic, to redeem your favorite gifts! Shop, enjoy citywide discounts, collect stamps and redeem rewards, just at your fingertips!

1. 領取眾多零售優質商戶優惠
2. 消費指定金額即可領取商戶印花
3. 簡易兌換優惠及印花過程,輕鬆管理優惠券及過往優惠券使用記錄
4. 印花可於其他平台上的登記商戶中使用,換取心儀禮品! 輕鬆購物,盡享全城優惠,收集印花兌換奬賞,盡在彈指之間!



  • Client HKRMA & QTSA
  • Date 2020-09-08
  • Tags Events & O2O, Mobile App, Retail & Loyalty