Genki Sushi Member Recruitment app x keewee’s presence detection

Mobile loyalty reinvented! Maxim’s Group JCR and Cherrypicks pioneer in integrating mobile loyalty programs with the POS system. Such integration allows real-time bonus points verification, coupons distribution and redemption which not just reward frequent visitors, but provide incentives and handy application channel for new membership.With use of 2D barcode, visitors gain bonus points or redeem coupons at the cashier. On retailer’s perspective, marketers can recognize customers’ habits and needs without delay.

The app has newly embedded keewee’s presence detection to increase customer engagement.
Other function highlights:

1. Virtual membership
Customers no longer need to carry their Genki Cards to the restaurant for rewards
2. Collection of e-coupons
A handy way to receive and manage rewards for future use
3. Visualized Restaurant Menu and Promotions
A sushi conveyor belt with sushi visualizing the restaurant experience
4. Store Location Search
Location-based search for Genki Sushi nearby

Client: Genki Sushi Hong Kong

  • Date 2013-05-13
  • Tags Mobile App, Retail & Loyalty, Sonic