Lollypop app – A brand new way to say “I Miss You”!

Lollypop hides your 3D messages in ordinary physical objects that infinitely surprise your friends! Lollypop allows you add tailor-made puppets, 3D emoji, animated 3D stickers, videos and many more on any physical object. What’s more, you can unlock a collection of themed and limited edition animated ‘Ingredients’ to create more appealing and emotive Lollypop messages. Remember to share the message with your important ones as each Lollypop you made is a secret conversation showing your love and joy!

– Create Lollypop: Tailor-make your message with a range of funny, animated ‘Ingredients’
– ‘Ingredients’: 7 types of ‘Ingredients’ include animated puppet, text, video, theme, effect and more
– Unlock: Collect limited edition ‘Ingredients’ to increase your entertaining experience
– Share: Post your Lollypop to Facebook or send your friends a private inbox message to surprise them!

  • Date 2014-01-17
  • Tags Augmented Reality, Mobile App