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HKET: 你有條件發創業夢嗎?

[Hong Kong] Jason Chiu, cherrypicks’ CEO, featured on Hong Kong Economic Times to promote Hong Kong Trade Development Council’s Entrepreneur Day (E-Day) themed events Pioneer Day and Pitch Day on... read more →

Recruit: IT進化TI 創科納賢才

[Hong Kong] Jason Chiu, cherrypicks' CEO, reveals his views on the insufficient amount of Technology Innovation (TI) to solve problems at the IT talents themed roundtable conference co-organized by Recruit,... read more →

iCable TV:創富早餐

[Hong Kong] iCable TV invited Jason Chiu and Genki’s representative to introduce their award-winning product Genki Sushi Member Recruitment App that has brought huge sales benefits to Genki since the... read more →

iMoney: 港IT菁英站起來

[Hong Kong] Jason Chiu and his secondary school classmates / business partners Donald Chan, Raymond Leung, Kenny Chien and Chris Yeong chatted about their brotherhood at Diocesan Boys’ School and... read more →


[Hong Kong] Jason Chiu encourages the next generation to take risks and pursue their dream in kick-starting their own business. Please see attachment for full story. MingPaocoverage_thumbnails


[Hong Kong] Jason Chiu reviewed his journey of building Cherrypicks and spoke about the future of Cherrypicks as a member of NetDragon. Please see attachment for full story. NextMagazinecoverage_edit

iMoney: 電子消費年代 Cashless City

[Hong Kong] HKMA proposed NFC initiative last year, yet the diffusion rate has been slow. Jason Chiu explained to iMoney why it takes time. 20140325_iMoney_Cashless-City_edit


[Hong Kong] Next Magazine invited Jason Chiu to share thoughts on business ideas of 3 local start-ups. If Jason had HKD 1 million funding, he will invest in...... 20140307_Next-Magazine_edit


[China] Cherrypicks’s mobile marketing platforms, including iButterfly, Town Check and sonic communications, stimulate human’s five sense and bring user experience to the next level, reported by New Marketing magazine. 2013第11期... read more →

Money Café: 土生土長IT公司

[Hong Kong] Jason Chiu was on i-Cable financial programme Money Café to share his epic of setting up Cherrypicks and how blessed he felt through the ups and downs.

iButterfly was caught on

[Hong Kong] iButterfly has become a renowned mobile app recently by winning numerous regional and global awards. Its success has impressed so many marketers and local ICT industry. Unwire Podcast... read more →