The world of shopping is about to be revolutionized. Smart:D app provides a unique and cost-effective information communication channel for outdoor marketing media and mobile devices, sparking a new generation of shopping experience. Smart:D, the future of shopping. Today.

The “D” for Smart:D refers to Display Impact, Digital Interaction, and Download to Mobile. The app opens up the conversation between brands and customers by allowing the latter to react by downloading info, game or content to smartphones via sonic communications. Through the convergence and integration with retail shop and Transparent-LCD (T-LCD), the app creates an interactive shopping experience that completely changes the way people shop.

User Experience
Display impact
Harness a High Definition T-LCD to display promotional images and messages, while integrate with real products showcased behind for a more impressive and entertaining advertising effect.
Digital interaction
Believe it or not, you can interact with the T-LCD with a full range of multi-touch, motion, audio, scent and olfactory sensing engagement capabilities for content and gaming!
Download to mobile
With the app, content can be conveniently downloaded and transmitted to smartphones via sonic communications. It helps you collect your interests in pocket along the go.
How to Apply
Display impact: T-LCD original
Display brand messages on a T-LCD in box
Digital interaction: T-LCD on other panels
Embed the T-LCD in fridge frames, shop windows, or more to amp up the scene
Download to mobile: 1- or 2-way sonic
Communicate with customers by delivering or exchanging information securely
T-LCD plus sonic
Display brand info while trigger responses from customers via instant downloading service
Smart:D makes use of the patent-pending solution, Sonic, to attain a new era of digital retailing and shopping experience. Sonic communication system transmits data in the form of ultrasound waves lying in a narrow band which most portable digital devices in the market are able to sense.
2013 Hong Kong ICT Awards
Best Innovation & Research Grand Award
2013 Hong Kong ICT Awards
Best Innovation & Research (Postgraduates & Open) Gold Award
This entry well makes use of latest ICT and the applicant’s own patents to provide a brand new user experience for customers. The customers would be attracted by the visual content displayed on the embedded LCD panel, motivated to have interaction with the shop and finally encouraged to download the brochure for further buying actions.

2013 HKICTAjudging panel