About Xandar Kardian Inc
Cherrypicks is the official partner of Xandar Kardian Inc (hereafter known as XK) in Hong Kong and Macau. XK is a world renowned expert in presence detection, people counting and object detection utilizing micro-vibration pattern recognition to provide smarter healthcare solutions including heart rate & breathing rate detection. XK has spent over 9 years researching and developing solutions based on micro-vibration pattern recognitions gathered from radars.
XK is a radar-signal processing deep tech start-up based on micro-vibration pattern recognitions gathered from radars and operates with no wearables needed. The patented technology maps and processes “data” from micro-vibrations human bodies generate naturally and constantly. The solution analyzes vital signs such as the chest movement as humans breathe as well as their heartbeat as the heart pumps blood, all with an accuracy detection rate of 99% to provide patented people counting and healthcare solutions.
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