創奇思龍 spotted speeding in Sai Kung

30 May 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians once again proved hard work and intense training pays off as our very own 創奇思龍 raced in the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival 2017! After months of hardcore training and forging team chemistry, the fruits of their labor were put on display on 30 May in Sai Kung. The drumming and rowing were perfectly in sync right from the start and everyone gave their all, all the way to the finish line.

cherrians carve their way into the history books

18 May 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians carved their very own unique rubber stamps on 18 May. They drew their desired designs and transferred it onto their carving rubber before beginning to create their masterpieces. cherrians uncovered their artistic genius to carve many unique stamps from their names to a simple word and even their favorite characters. We are proud to announce no cherrians were hurt in the carving process!

Do you know how to shuck?

11 Apr 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians learned to shuck their own oysters and pair them with white wine on 11 Apr. They were provided with professional oyster knives and slip proof gloves for a safe shucking environment and taught professional shucking techniques for oysters from 3 different regions. They were also schooled in the basic principles of food and wine pairing.

cherrypicks proudly supports Orbis Walk For Sight 2017

26 Mar 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] There are millions of visually impaired individuals in the world with many unable to afford treatment. Orbis strives to share the skills and build the infrastructures needed to deliver quality eye care across the world’s poorest countries. cherrypicks proudly supports the annual Walk For Sight event on 26 Mar to help the cause.

Ready, Set, Shoot!

2 Mar 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians exchange their laptops for bow and arrows to relieve some stress. cherrians worked on their archery skills as they aimed for the bullseye on 2 Mar. By the end of the night all targets were worn out as so many arrows pierced the bullseye. No word on whose photo was used as a target to better everyone’s aim.

One of a kind

6 Feb 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians create their own DIY Valentines Day gift!

Kung Hei Fat Choy! Thanks for the lucky money!

6 Feb 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrypicks held its annual Chinese New Year Luncheon on 6 Feb.

To Good Health and Lasting Prosperity!

25 Jan 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians showed off their Chinese calligraphy skills as they wrote their own Chinese calligraphy posters.

To eat, or not to eat, that is the question

19 Jan 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Just in time for Chinese New Year celebrations, cherrians got together to make glutinous rice balls on 19 Jan.

Townhall: What big things are we doing next?

10 Jan 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians from Hong Kong, Shanghai and Zhuhai assembled for the first Townhall of 2017 on 10 Jan.

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