Happy Chinese New Year! Best of luck in the Year of the Dog

26 Feb 2018 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Kung Hei Fat Choy! Cherrypicks’ annual Chinese New Year Luncheon was held on 26 Feb. Cherrians gathered and wished each other good luck and good health for the Year of the Dog. The entire Management team also made the rounds to wish the best of luck to every Cherrian with red envelopes. There was even an impromptu lion dance performance that generated lots of excitement! Cherrypicks wishes everyone happiness and prosperity in the Year of the Dog!

The tradition continues…all you can write Chinese red banners

8 Feb 2018 People and Community

[Hong Kong] To prepare for the upcoming Year of the Dog, Cherrians grabbed a calligraphy brush and stroke by stroke wrote their own lucky blessing messages on traditional Chinese red banners. Cherrians upped their calligraphy game and incorporated many traditional and canine inspired messages. Best wishes for the holidays and happiness throughout the New Year everyone!

Which do you prefer, flower or fish?

14 Dec 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Cherrians learned about one of the oldest art forms in the world and created their own one-of-a-kind pottery dish on 14 Dec. They pinched and molded their clay dishes in the shape of fishes or flowers and painted their works of art. All that was left was to sit back to wait for their finished product to dry and then fired.

Ain’t no party like a Cherrypicks annual party

8 Dec 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Nobody does a themed party better than Cherrypicks, nobody. Cherrians coordinated with their teams to cosplay traditional outfits from all around the world at Cherrypicks’ multicultural themed annual party on 8 Dec. We saw ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, some good ol’ fashioned cowboys and some wealthy Middle Eastern oil barons. Jason Chiu, Cherrypicks’ CEO also donned the traditional Scottish kilt and gave Cherrians a speech they will remember.

You Never Walk Alone

19 Nov 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Cherrians walked together for CareER's “Let’s Walk Together” Annual Fundraising Event on 19 Nov. Cherrypicks is a proud supporter of CareER, a non-profit organization composed of higher educated students / graduates with disabilities founded and organized by students / graduates with disabilities, established to act as a bridge between students / graduates with disabilities and employers with targets to bring all of their members to employment.

We have the power…of orgone pyramids

7 Nov 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Have you ever wanted to learn how to attract unbalanced energy, draw it in and transform it back into its natural balanced state? Cherrians did exactly that on 7 Nov. They learned how to transform the energy with resin, metals and quarts by making an orgone pyramid that strengthen their body’s energy field, helping to protect themselves from negative energy. Cherrians created their very own pyramid, selecting their material depending on what type of energy they wished to harness.

Trick or Treat? We Witch You a Happy Halloween

27 Oct 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Cherrians gathered on a Spooktacular Night with some adult beverages on 27 Oct. To celebrate Halloween, ghouly Cherrians dressed up, let their hair down and played some games. Forget the typical vampire, nurse and devil costumes, highlight of the night definitely went to the physical forms of iButterflys floating around all night!

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk!

22 Oct 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Cherrians and NetDragon colleagues take a step forward for breast health, taking part in HK Breast Cancer Foundation’s flagship annual fundraising event, “Pink Walk for Breast Health 2017” on 22 Oct. Everyone dressed in pink to make the Peak Circle Walk from the Peak Road Garden to Harlech Road and Lugard Road then back to the Peak Tower, taking in some of the best views of Victoria Harbour while raising awareness for breast cancer.

Annual Mid-Autumn barbeque: spending some quality time with the work family

29 Sep 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] The Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to celebrate with family and friends. Under the bright and round moon, the cherrypicks family celebrated together at the annual Mid-Autumn barbeque on 29 Sep. Some say you don’t really know your coworkers until you spend some time with them outside work. It was a great time to meet new colleagues and catch up with familiar ones under the starry night.

Townhall: Code red! Code blue! Code green! Code yellow! Just Code!

31 Aug 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Hong Kong cherrians assembled on 31 Aug for the mid-year Townhall of 2017. Jason Chiu, cherrypicks’ CEO, updated cherrians on cherrypicks’ achievements in the first half of 2017 and shared with everyone, cherrypicks’ road map for near and distant future. Each team showcased their products and projects and impending updates to them. The highlight of the Townhall was definitely the lively intramural competition in a coding themed esport game.

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