Annual Mid-Autumn barbeque: spending some quality time with the work family

29 Sep 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] The Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to celebrate with family and friends. Under the bright and round moon, the cherrypicks family celebrated together at the annual Mid-Autumn barbeque on 29 Sep. Some say you don’t really know your coworkers until you spend some time with them outside work. It was a great time to meet new colleagues and catch up with familiar ones under the starry night.

Townhall: Code red! Code blue! Code green! Code yellow! Just Code!

31 Aug 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Hong Kong cherrians assembled on 31 Aug for the mid-year Townhall of 2017. Jason Chiu, cherrypicks’ CEO, updated cherrians on cherrypicks’ achievements in the first half of 2017 and shared with everyone, cherrypicks’ road map for near and distant future. Each team showcased their products and projects and impending updates to them. The highlight of the Townhall was definitely the lively intramural competition in a coding themed esport game.

創奇思龍 another race, another trophy for the cabinet

21 Aug 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Left! Right! Left! Right! 創奇思龍 makes another appearance in 2017 at the 2017 Ap Lei Chau Dragon Boat Race on 21 Aug. cherrians followed up on their success earlier this year with another peak performance. Their teamwork and spirit were second to none as they pushed through the burn to finish the race strong. Looks like another trophy for the awards cabinet. Great job cherrians! And a huge thank you for all that came out to support them!

Move along, nothing to see here, just training for the zombie apocalypse

20 Aug 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians geared up for an exciting Virtual Reality (VR) gaming night on 20 Aug. Some cherrians raced for the checkered flag, others put on the VR headset in a first person shooter (FPS) game. It has been confirmed, cherrians need not to worry about a zombie apocalypse any time soon, some of us are really good at shooting zombies!

So sweet, daifuku mochi 101

2 Aug 2017 People and Community
[Hong Kong] Who doesn’t love a little dessert? cherrians with a sweet tooth gathered to make some of the most mouth watering daifuku mochi the company has ever seen on 2 Aug. cherrians mixed and steamed and wrapped their own daifuku mochi giving themselves the satisfaction of creating their own desserts and eating it too. Daifuku mochi insiders have reported not only did all cherrian’s daifuku mochi look authentic but taste unbelievable too.

Lock and load. cherrians aim for the bullseye

20 Jul 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] Pew Pew Pew! cherrians loaded up their model firearms and calibrated their crosshairs to aim for the bullseye on 20 Jul. cherrians learned the basics of firing a weapon and proceeded with target practice to warm up for the main show. cherrians participated in an intense and highly competitive time trial, shooting at many different targets and trying to break each other’s record. The fastest and most accurate sharpshooters were rewarded with a medal to recognize their achievement.

創奇思龍 spotted speeding in Sai Kung

30 May 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians once again proved hard work and intense training pays off as our very own 創奇思龍 raced in the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival 2017! After months of hardcore training and forging team chemistry, the fruits of their labor were put on display on 30 May in Sai Kung. The drumming and rowing were perfectly in sync right from the start and everyone gave their all, all the way to the finish line.

cherrians carve their way into the history books

18 May 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians carved their very own unique rubber stamps on 18 May. They drew their desired designs and transferred it onto their carving rubber before beginning to create their masterpieces. cherrians uncovered their artistic genius to carve many unique stamps from their names to a simple word and even their favorite characters. We are proud to announce no cherrians were hurt in the carving process!

Do you know how to shuck?

11 Apr 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] cherrians learned to shuck their own oysters and pair them with white wine on 11 Apr. They were provided with professional oyster knives and slip proof gloves for a safe shucking environment and taught professional shucking techniques for oysters from 3 different regions. They were also schooled in the basic principles of food and wine pairing.

cherrypicks proudly supports Orbis Walk For Sight 2017

26 Mar 2017 People and Community

[Hong Kong] There are millions of visually impaired individuals in the world with many unable to afford treatment. Orbis strives to share the skills and build the infrastructures needed to deliver quality eye care across the world’s poorest countries. cherrypicks proudly supports the annual Walk For Sight event on 26 Mar to help the cause.

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