With a strong belief in “Building a Better Life”, Cherrypicks believes the first step in building a Smart City is to start with Smart Homes. Incorporating different IoT functions into a Smart Home app brings a more convenient living experience for all users. Our PropTech team is experienced in streamlining all Smart Homes’ needs through bespoke multi-property residential solutions to eliminate paper, increase efficiency and quality of life.

Digital Property Platform (DPP)

Cherrypicks’ all-in-one Digital Property Platform is shaking up way people think about their homes and estates. Through our DPP,
users can view important estate notices, register visitors, unlock doors, book facilities, and control IoT in Smart Homes, etc., all on the same app.

Standardized and centralized
estate management system

Main Page

  • Personalization
    Users can view personalized information such as Important Estate notices, reserved facilities or enrolled activities.

  • Resident Access Cards
    With a digital resident access card, users have Door Access to the entrance door, mailbox, etc., through their app.

  • Message (Inbox)
    The app also serves as a communication channel between residents and the estate management team to receive push notifications, estate notices and make enquiries

  • Other Services
    Management fee payment, Estate info, Digital Maps, Residential e-forms, Enquiries, FAQs etc..

Defect Reporting

  • To ensure pristine condition of their Smart Home, residents are able to fill out and submit defect e-forms with photo/video/text to report any problems they encounter to ensure it gets fixed as soon as possible.

  • The submitted defect and corresponding status can be viewed through the app at any time for following up.

Visitor Registeration

  • Using the DPP, residents are able to invite friends over by submitting the visitor registration e-form and removing the need for paperwork that was previously required for the same process.

  • Residents can select different levels of access rights granted to their visitors, such as access to estate main door only, or the entire estate (including clubhouse/lift/tower lobby).

Facilities Booking

  • Through the all-in-one DPP, residents can reserve all amenities such as function rooms, swimming pools, and gym rooms, etc.

  • They are also able to check the status and enroll in interest classes or clubhouse events.

  • Payment can be made through various online payment methods offered through the app for a contactless experience.

Resident Services

  • EV Charger Availability
    Owners of EV cars can also check for the availability of any EV charger spaces available at car park through the app.

  • IoT in Smart Homes
    Internet-connected technologies such as remote sensors and other IoT devices can also be integrated into the DPP to enable remote management and monitoring of many home appliances and utilities.

SINO living

The SINO living app provides residents with the convenience of making takeover appointments, managing property activities and booking clubhouse facilities and events at their fingertips.

Residents can find all the latest useful information about the property and clubhouse events and connect with SINO staff through the Enquiry function.

Property management staff can use the staff app to complete the property handover process providing a greater convenience to both Sino staff and residents.