Cherrypicks is a pioneer of FinTech solutions in Hong Kong. With 10+ years experience working with world renown financial institutions including banks, insurance companies, stock trading and retirement planning businesses, Cherrypicks is well versed in the latest security and legal compliance standards while providing the most user friendly client facing solutions. Cherrypicks developed P2P e-wallet, personal insurance and agency used storytelling platforms, corporate and personal banking, as well as other FinTech solutions are used by millions of users worldwide.










Cherrypicks’ developed P2P e-wallet solution have revolutionized the way to send money and split bills instantly with friends and family in just a few taps. Payment information and passwords are stored securely in an e-wallet that enables numerous payment options.

PayMe from HSBC

The social P2P payment app, PayMe from HSBC, was launched in Feb 2017 to ease the pain of transferring cash and splitting the bill instantly with friends and family. The ability to link any local credit card and/or local bank account maximizes the flexibility of the e-wallet usage.

  • P2P instant payment transfer e-wallet
  • Top-up with any local credit card and cash-out on any local bank account
  • KYC and OCR services
  • DevOPS and CI/CD deployment
  • Facebook login and contacts enabled


With our vast experience developing mobile banking solutions, Cherrypicks have worked with banks to deliver the most user friendly client facing solutions that are up to code with the latest security and legal compliance standards that users can trust to be safe and secure.

Cherrypicks have worked closely with banks to provide mobile web optimization strategies and competitive analysis for mobile banking products in Hong Kong as well as successfully launch worldwide personal banking apps and a local P2P instant payment transfer e-wallet.

'Sync with Me' App

  • A secure Personal Banking app for HSBC customers for all their banking needs
  • Global deployment in 33 countries over time with a successful pilot program in Hong Kong
  • Banking Pack: Account balances & details, Bill payment, Time deposit, Transfers, etc.
  • Card Pack: Card reward redemption, Card applications, Premier Privileges, Travel insurance

Bank of China (HK) Mobile Banking App

  • Drag-and-drop your most preferred services to personalize the Home screen
  • Consistent cross platform design and UX​
  • Pre-login functions strengthen customer stickiness with e-Coupons and proximity and location-based privileges​
  • After-login banking functions offer secure Mobile banking, and e-wallet transactions as well as Banknotes reservation services​

Geofenced Promotions

  • Branch-specific welcome messages
  • Alert notification as users enter BOCHK branches
  • Enable localized or limited-time offers
  • Location Intelligence technology powered by starbeacon
  • First bank in Asia to use Location Intelligence technology
  • 70 BOCHK branches with installed hardware

Hang Seng Bank Mobile App

  • An HTML5 browser-based mobile banking app
  • Manage account transactions, insurance, loans and overdraft card services
  • Responsive UX/UI cross-platform design
  • Easy Access 3-Level Main Menu


The facilitate the insurance industry’s digital revolution to make researching and completing insurance transactions easier for clients and staff, Cherrypicks have worked with some of the industry’s leaders to build and revamp enterprise apps for internal staff and all-in-one sales platforms that customers can rely on for all insurance related matters.

PRUOne App

  • An all-in-one mobile insurance sales platform
  • A centralized single platform to incorporate existing peripheral systems such as the revamped PRUCompass App
  • Personalized eName Card system to send to customers through email
  • Drag-and-drop functions menu with different layouts for users to personalize their preferences
  • Secure and centralized authentication with mobile payment options
  • Security Access and Authorization Management (SAAM) System

PRUCompass App

  • Enable a stress free sales presentation through the PRUCompass App
  • Helpful tools to facilitate instant interactions and responses to clients for better sales presentations
  • Generate instant quotations to create customized quotations for clients

PRTracker Staff Incentive

  • An enterprise app for Prudential sales staff to calculate and track performance
  • A powerful virtual assistant for sales staff to receive assistance anywhere, anytime on their mobile phones
  • Review sales performance directly on mobile phones

Responsive Website For General Insurance

  • Comprehensive cross digital platform responsive website
  • Provides comprehensive insurance services, including account enquiry, insurance products information and professional claims assistance
  • Concise content arrangement and overview of different product categories

“Life Meter” Life Protection Gap Calculator

  • A comprehensive cross-platform responsive website to understand the protection gap in an easy and interactive way
  • Coupled with research data, ensure you and your family are under full protection

B2C e-Commerce Web Platforms Revamp for General Insurance

  • Extensive general insurance coverage revamp for quotations, online applications, claims and renewals
  • Sales cycle status review and system automation to streamline leads capturing and customer services (e.g. personalized alerts)
  • Advanced marketing capabilities for customer retargeting and retention
  • A flexible CMS design to support all evolving business needs
    Innovative chatbox virtual assistant services
  • Complete UX/UI revamp for improved brand positioning and performance enhancement

B2B Enterprise Platforms Revamp

  • Complete UX/UI revamp for platform enhancement
  • Clear and simplified workflow for maximum usability and efficiency
  • Sales cycle status review and system automation to streamline leads capturing and customer services (e.g. personalized alerts)
  • Overall system integrations to ensure performance, documentation and data completeness and version control

Financial Needs Analysis iPad App

  • An enterprise app for consultants
  • Easy tap-and-fill Q&A Risk
  • Assessment Form designed for acquiring abundant in-depth financial information
  • Real-time analysis report generator
  • On-screen signature feature


On top of our Banking, e-wallet, and insurance experience, Cherrypicks have also developed FinTech solutions for stock trading and retirement planning


Stock Trading Responsive Website

  • Get real-time updates on stock quotes/index/market news through i-frame integration
  • Post-login functions offer IP application and personalized updates

Retirement Planning Services Website

  • Revamped the BCT retirement program website
  • A cross-platform responsive website for clients to receive real-time quotations after entering personal information and target services
  • Complete interactive story-telling quizzes to get recommended suitable packages