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Pick your poison

[Hong Kong] What do you get when you mix Halloween costumes, Cherrians and alcohol? The Cherrypicks Halloween party on 30 Oct of course! Willing volunteers represented their respective teams to... read more →

The Blue Cherrians Group

[Hong Kong] Have you ever wondered how blueprints are made? Cherrians learned the popular photographic printing process, cyanotype, on 15 Mar. They exposed their chosen photos to ferric ammonium citrate... read more →

You Never Walk Alone

[Hong Kong] Cherrians walked together for CareER's “Let’s Walk Together” Annual Fundraising Event on 19 Nov. The 1 mile route started at Pak Shek Kok Promenade with a turning point... read more →

One of a kind

[Hong Kong] DIY is all the craze, what is better than to create your own Valentines Day gift for your significant other or loved ones? cherrians called upon their woodworking... read more →

Work hard, play hard!

[Hong Kong] After a year of hard work, cherrians gathered for cherrypicks' annual party hosted by cherridise on 16 Dec. At the facial hair themed shindig, cherrians were treated to... read more →

Let it flow, let it flow!

[Hong Kong] cherrians enrolled in an intensive workshop to learn the intricacies of modern calligraphy. They were able to get comfortable with holding a dip pen and control the flow... read more →

Wild Wild West!

[Hong Kong] Sick of looking around and having the same badge holders with everyone else? Lucky cherrians put their leather working skills to the test. They cut, stitched, stamped and... read more →

cherrians start your engines!

[Hong Kong] cherrians revved their engines and experienced an adrenaline rush at the cherridise CM drifting event. After a hard day’s work, cherrians brought out their competitive faces as they... read more →