SSPDHC website and app delivers more in-depth health benefits

The Sham Shui Po District Health Centre’s (SSPDHC) launched a health advocacy website and their Health is CORE app. To save on waiting time and paperwork, Sham Shui Po (SSP) residents can now register as a member remotely through the app. After filling in and submitting the e-form, SSP residents can schedule a visit to the centre in person for identity verification.

Through the app, members can access their health activity data, SSP district resource details, and medical records. The app also includes health service ticketing to help members arrange their schedule ahead of time. There are also a plethora of health conscious information on display such as tips for quitting smoking, healthy activities such as fitness training, managing blood sugar level for diabetes etc., and also some useful district related resources such as where to find rehabilitation equipment or community service provider’s info.

Members can sync their health data including blood pressure, glucose, oxygen saturation level, body temperature and BMI across the web portal, app and kiosks at the centre. Members can also allow access from the Apple or Google health app to keep a centralised record in their membership account. New e-Learning Courses and live chats are available through the web portal or app, and a comprehensive CMS is available for SSPDHC staff to manage the platform for their members and professional practitioners.

Another function is the ability for members to register for programmes held by SSPDHC online, regardless of if they are accessing through the website or utilizing the mobile app. They can see the remaining quota and apply accordingly. Should the programme have excess registrations, the CMS system will notify SSPDHC staff to do the random draw, and the system will automatically send confirmation notifications to the members who were drawn. On the programme activity day, members can check in with the app by scanning the QR code at venue or pressing the button in the app. They can also apply for leave of absence if they cannot attend. All these activity records can be checked in the member’s web portal or mobile app.

Members can even schedule telehealth consultations through the web portal or mobile app, including Nursing Service, Social Service/Counselling, Dietetic Service and Pharmacy Service. The consultation session will be done through a video call, members just need to click through the link provided by SSPDHC staff, and the consultation can be done through a web browser or the in-app browser. Group discussions can also be arranged by SSPDHC staff for the members. Once the discussion is scheduled and confirmed, members will receive the app notifications accordingly.

In addition, members can use the new carer management tool within the app. Members can add a carer by scanning their QR code, and once the relationship has been established, the carer will be able to see the dependent’s health data and programmes application records, or schedule telehealth consultations, etc. Even non-DHC members can be registered as the carer. All non-DHC members will receive a SMS invitation to download the app and create an account.


  • Register as a member remotely
  • Access their health activity data, SSP district resource details, and medical records
  • Health service ticketing
  • Carer management tool
  • Schedule and undergo telehealth consultations
  • Sync their health data to keep a centralised record
  • Register for programmes held by SSPDHC online
  • Automated event confirmation notifications
  • Check-in at venue
  • Apply for leave of absence
  • Group discussions
  • Health conscious information
  • E-Learning Courses
  • Live chats
  • Client Sham Shui Po District Health Centre (SSPDHC)
  • Date August 22, 2022
  • Tags Digital Transformation, Healthtech