Through the 醫健通eHealth App access electronic health records (eHR) and other value-added health information functions

The app enables two-way sharing of patient records among public and private healthcare providers. Participation is 100% voluntary, and the records are stored in encrypted electronic format.


  • View health records, allergies, medications, appointments, and vaccines
  • Input health information including, vaccines, children growth records, health data
  • Manage eHR account, review and updated account information and manage sharing consent
  • All access will be logged properly and subject to audit and inspection
  • Access public health information
  • Review Elderly Health Care Voucher and other Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Programmes’ information
  • Doctor directory search

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  • Client eHR Office, Food and Health Bureau, HKSARG
  • Date January 1, 2021
  • Tags Digital Transformation, Healthtech, Mobile App