Xandar Kardian

Cherrypicks is the official partner of Xandar Kardian Inc. in HK and Macau.

A world renowned expert in presence detection, people counting and object detection utilizing micro-vibration pattern recognition to provide smarter healthcare solutions including fall detection and heart rate & breathing rate detection.


An an all-in-one mobile loyalty and marketing solution for retail merchants.

With proximity marketing initiatives enabled by location intelligence, membership tier system, digital stamps system, CRM & customer loyalty engagement services as well as POS integration with Walnut eWallet payment system.


The benchmark for indoor navigation, geofence messaging and location intelligence.

Get your audience to their destination quickly and easily. Target and reach individual customers at the best time and best place. Gain valuable insights to make informed business decisions.


Augmented Reality Solution

ARwiz, a complete and easy-to-deploy augmented reality (AR) software solution, empowers marketers and developers to strengthen user engagement.


Coupon Entertainment App

Downloading location-based coupons by catching 3D virtual butterflies with a flick of phone. iButterfly introduces a brand new coupon entertainment experience, engaging shoppers with gamified contents and offers.


Mobile Loyalty and Marketing Solution

keewee engages your customers even before they walk into stores.


Digital Interactive Kiosk

The world of shopping is about to be revolutionized. Smart:D app provides a unique and cost-effective information communication channel for outdoor marketing media and mobile devices, sparking a new generation of shopping experience. Smart:D, the future of shopping. Today.

Town Check

Fast Image Recognition / AR App

It all begins with a still image. Through the Town Check lens you will see a whole new world full of surprises – from a still image to video content, interactive media, all things fun and entertaining as well as the hottest offers in town!

Education Products

English Galaxy

AI-powered English Learning Platform

A personalized language learning platform integrating gamification techniques & knowledge map to motivate students and raise their interests.


Virtual Reality Viewer for Learning

VR goggles designed to provide learners with a brand new learning experience with optimal proficiency and creativity.

Safari Photographer

AR/VR English Learning App

Explore the safari as a photographer and take nice pictures of wild animals with your VR goggles.


Comprehensive school management system

Manage class curricula and marketing and communications on the easy to use ClassMind web version and mobile app platform to greatly enhance the efficiency of learning.


Adaptive Learning Technologies

An advanced learning solution that leverages the power of technology to measure and analyse learner’s response data and to improve learning effectiveness with innovative educational technologies and artificial intelligence.