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e-Stamp campaign showcase
Chain coffee shop in Hong Kong

Coffee lovers earn 1 e-Stamp upon purchase of any cup of coffee valued at HK$38 or above at their stores. Every 5 e-Stamps collected, users can redeem 1 cup of coffee valued $51 or below. 

After login, users can check their e-Stamp balance and redemption record anytime, anywhere. Transfer their e-Stamps to their friends by scanning their friend’s QR code, search for them by their phone number or username, or by sharing a link generated online. No app download required. 

e-Stamp campaign showcase
The SM store

Scratch & Win attractive prizes and collect e-Stamps when you shop with The SM Store. Earn one e-Stamp for every P500 on a single-receipt purchase made via SM Store’s online Call to Deliver platform. 

Tap the “Collect e-Stamps now” button to start collecting e-Stamps. Tap on the “Scan” button to scan the barcode located at the bottom of the receipt. After the barcode is recognised, the e-Stamps will be automatically awarded to the customer’s account

e-Stamp campaign showcase
Circle K US

Drop & win attractive prizes and redeem prizes at Circle K US. Celebrate the new year with their customers. Join the game simply by visiting and through their browser. The game is web-based for easy access and with the simple logic of 3 balls falling to the same prize, one can win that prize instantly. Once a customer wins the prize, he or she can redeem it at Circle K within 3 days. 

e-Stamp campaign showcase
A food company

Distribute e-Stamps for their staff to redeem related digital meal vouchers. after login and identity verification, staff may find their e-Stamps assigned by their HR. Staff can redeem their meal vouchers with the QE code generated from the app and use them at their restaurant. 

User-friendly CMS to set the rules of vouchers’ redemption, assign and adjust the number of e-Stamps for their staff. Redemption reports can be viewed and exported. Mobile reminders for using the vouchers can be sent to their staff. 


e-Coupon campaign showcase

Proximity based promotions:

✔ Shop details of QTSA merchants

✔ City-wide discounts 

✔ Exclusive Bluetooth based Q+ offers

✔ AR games to win prizes

e-Coupon campaign showcase
Lo Friends @LOTTEMart Indonesia

Existing members using physical cards can seamlessly switch to digital. Multiple promotion campaigns available from issuing e-Coupons to e-stamps collection campaigns. 

Get the latest promotion information. Collect e-Stamps and redeem gifts simply by showing the QR code to the cashier upon payment. Auto calculate the number of stamps according to the transaction amount. e-Stamps can be redeemed for discount coupons or free products. Transfer stamps to their friends by entering their phone numbers.

Intuitive dashboard made by professional data scientists for LotteMart to get valuable insight in designing attractive promotion plan. 


e-Points campaign showcase
Shopwise Philippines

The mobile loyalty campaign platform, Shopwise Wise app, powered by INSTORE, enabled Shopwise to establish a stronger connection with their customers and maximize revenue by providing an online plat for their members.

Existing members digitalized their memberships by registering their original membership number on the app. Shoppers simply needed to show the QR code to the cashier upon checkout to earn e-Points or redeem gift. The Shopwise Wise App not only allows customers to collect e-Points, but also provides them with the latest promotions and free meal planning menus. Clicking on the meal planning recipes revealed all the ingredients needed to create the meal. 

e-Points campaign showcase

Viatris Inc., previously Pfizer’s Upjohn division, successfully digitized their loyalty solution in 2020. The new digital solution replaced their existing POS hardware with an iPad based POS system, and helped merchants track their inventory and transactions. 


bmw showcase

Online Store showcase
BMW Concessionaires App

The BMW mobile app provide a revolutionary personalized experience for the customers. It is an all-encompassing app that provides a seamless services experience covering all aspects of personal mobility for BMW, MINI and BMW Motorrad. 


✔ Test Drive booking

✔ Manage your cars

✔ Booking services

✔ Shopping online

✔ Engaging in marketing society.