BMW Concessionaires App launches “The Community”

Sime Darby Motor Services Limited launched the newest social function “The Community” on the BMW Concessionaires App. Car lovers can engage in different topics with each other through searching for topics that can be filtered through “featured”, “most recent” or “popular” content and posting messages. Through “The Community” users can find posts created for BMW fans and different car series’ owners. Users can interact with the all posts with “Like”, “Passionate”, “Curious” or “Useful” impressions to give their honest opinions of the topics. Polls are also available for everyone to cast their vote for their choices to further extract data that they are seeking. “The Community” serves as an official channel to gather car enthusiasts of different car types, and to build a more cohesive community among BMW aficionados. Stay tuned for more interactive features added to “The Community” to make it more engaging for car lovers.


  • Brand new social media network for car lovers
  • Interact on car related topics
  • Real-time polls
  • Client Sime Darby Motor Services Limited
  • Date January 25, 2022
  • Tags Digital Transformation, Retail and Loyalty