Heal mental health issues with New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association’s “eClinic” online therapeutic platform

New Life Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association launched a web-based psychotherapy platform “eClinic”. It aims at providing free psychotherapy courses for people suffering from depression and anxiety. The general public can access free articles and videos about mental health at the resource center. Eligible service users are able to receive a 14-week customized one-on-one psychotherapy program after screening through a questionnaire and phone interview. Service users can review their self-testing scores to evaluate and check their progress in different chapters, and check on the latest schedule of different tasks like completing chapter homework and self-testing. They can also send messages to their clinicians directly through the chat function.

When reading the course materials, they can bookmark useful content or leave an inquiry to their clinicians by using the comment function. To clinicians, they can manage the files of all of their service users with progress details in their accounts. The clinic section is linked to the CMS homepage, where they can create new and manage existing program materials for their service users. Notifications will be sent when clinicians receive direct messages from their service users. A variety of program materials such as audio files, videos, pdfs, worksheets, etc., can be uploaded to the portal, and each of them can be grouped into modules or sub-modules for the service users based on their needs. Each piece of content can be previewed before publishing and can be assigned to different service users with suggested schedules. Learn more https://eclinic.hk/



  • Customize one-on-one psychotherapy program
  • Dashboards for service users and clinicians
  • Check schedule or homework of service users
  • Chat function and direct messages
  • Bookmark useful content or leave comment
  • Email notifications of scheduled meetings
  • Multiple level controlled admin portal
  • Support different file format program materials upload
  • File grouping by modules or sub-modules
  • Integrated API for setting up virtual meetings
  • Auto-generating links and send to users for virtual meetings
  • Date June 20, 2022
  • Tags Healthtech