Gamification for customer loyalty experience with the SM Store

The SM Store in the Philippines launched a “Match, Win & Shop” campaign from 1 Jul to 31 Aug and received overwhelming support. Having one chance per day, players can simply enter their phone numbers to try their luck. Users have 5 chances to tap open the Shopping Bags on the screen and if the three prize icons of the same kind are matched, they can win a discount or free delivery vouchers when shopping via The SM Store Personal Shopper. The prizes won will be stored in user’s prize wallet, so daily prizes can be accumulated for future use. This illustrates customer loyalty programs are not only useful in boosting sales, but can also be fun through gamifying! It helps boost the store’s exposure and the sales volume, and encourages customers to repeatedly spend in their shop instead of other competitors. The prize wallet function keeps track of the players’ winning records, hence better facilitates customer data collection and The SM Store can fine-tune their marketing strategies according to customers’ habits more easily. The web-based structure does not require any additional app installation, which has proven to be more convenient from the user’s point of view. Launched on 1 Jul, the game has been played over 55,000 times, and has issued over 4,000 vouchers with a high redemption rate of 75% within the first month. Learn more:


  • Web-based game
  • Accumulated prize wallet
  • Daily game and prizes
  • Date July 1, 2022
  • Tags Retail and Loyalty